100% Automated Ecommerce

Because every BUQ counts!

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 100% Automated

Ecommerce on auto-pilot

Use our award winning software to put your operations on auto-pilot. We have combined the best in class technology with amazing Customer Support, Payments and Fulfilment. By handling all of the backoffice tasks, we can fully automate your ecommerce and save you money, through both efficiency saving and scale.

Pay per order

Reduce costs & scale

Due to our scale and advanced automation we can provide hassle free ecommerce at a lower cost than handling in-house. During the application process we will evaluate your current costs and provide a detailed breakdown of savings before anything is finalised.

 Hassle Free

Focus on growth 🚀

We handle all the heavy lifting, allowing your team to focus on growing sales. Our clients love the fact they can focus on growing sales and building their brands, while we take all of the hassle away from running an ecommerce business. Multiple brands? Manage them all from one place.

Happy customers

Improve customer value

Improve customer satisfaction and lifetime value by delivering a fantastic experience to each and every customer. Your customers will keep coming back for more! Don't take our word for is, ask about our clients NPS improvements after switching to BUQ.